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  1. What is a periodontist?
    1. A periodontist is a dental specialist with advanced training in the treatment of periodontal diseases.  Many also have advanced training in implant placement and treatment and other diseases involving the supporting structures of the teeth.
  2. Do I have to be referred to make an appointment?
    1. No, you do not have to be referred.  While the bulk of patients we see are referred from their general dentist, a referral is not required.
  3. Do you take my insurance?
    1. Currently, we do not participate with any insurance plans.  However, we still accept and file all major insurance plans.  If you have insurance that will cover your planned procedures, we collect the portion insurance does not pay and file insurance for the remainder.
  4. Do you take KY Medicaid?
    1. We do not participate with Medicaid.  Very few procedures we perform are covered under Medicaid so we choose not to participate.
  5. Do you remove teeth?
    1. Yes, we remove teeth in preparation for dental implants and teeth deemed to be hopeless from periodontal disease.  We do not remove impacted 3rd molars.
  6. What is done at the consultation visit?
    1. The consult visit is important.  An examination and any needed x-rays are taken and a treatment plan presented for your care.  A few procedures can sometimes be completed at the initial visit.
  7. What does a consult cost?
    1. Depending on what is needed, the consult fee can range from $65 to $150.  If radiographs are needed and current ones can be obtained from your general dentist, this will reduce costs.
  8. If my regular dentist took x-rays, can these be used at my consult appointment?
    1. Yes.  Please bring radiographs (or ask that they be sent prior to your visit) to your consult appointment.  This can significantly reduce your initial costs.